Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sixth Annual White Rock Social Justice Film Festival - March 2010

Resource Person will be present at each film
Ticket – by donation

March 12, 7:00pm Food Inc: You'll Never Look at Dinner The Same Way

March 13, 10:00am Century of the Self, Parts 1& 2: Shows how we have been guided to believe that we should have all that we want, as well as what we need

March 13, 2:00pm The Power of Nightmares: Explains how world politics has been shaped by a fearful fundamentalism, both secular, and religious

Mar 13, 7:00pm Playing For Change: Peace Through Music: Connecting the World through Music

Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday Night Film Series

Venue - First United Church Time - 7:00 pmResource Person will be present at each filmTicket – by donation for film series

September 18, 2009 The Fallen Feather - Indian Industrial Residential Schools - Canadian Confederation

October 23, 2009 The Way Home - Homelessness in British Columbia
David Chudnovsky, former MLA and opposition critic for ‘Homelessness and Mental Health’, takes us across British Columbia showing us that homelessness is not just a big city issue. He visited 22 cities and towns and initiated a survey of 60 municipalities. Despite living in one of the wealthiest communities in the world, he estimates there are a minimum of 10,600 homeless people in BC with many more on the verge of becoming part of this staggering statistic. By talking and listening to the homeless, he learns about their experiences, their challenges and obstacles, and their hopes and suggestions for a better future.
This film tells the story of a musician named John who ran away from an abusive family when he was 14 years old and has been a homeless addict ever since. Behind the scenes, social, political, and bureaucratic dysfunction is revealed. Through interviews with service providers, developers, police, politicians, youth, seniors, working families and the homeless people themselves, insight is provided into this ever increasing crisis.
Chudnovsky explores solutions to this problem and continues to advocate for affordable housing.
Resource Person: David Chudnovsky BEd, BA in History and Political Science, is a retired MLA. David is a longtime social activist on issues concerning the environment, public transportation and a tireless advocate for the homeless.

November 20, 2009 Code Blue – Marine Rescue and Resuscitation slide presentation by Sierra Club BC

January 15, 2010 Garbage Warrior - The epic story of radical Earthship eco architect Michael Reynold

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Films: February 19-21, 2009

Thursday, 7 PM First United
The War on Democracy (94min) 2007
Pilger shows the US pretense at ‘spreading democracy,’is actually waging war on it. He argues that true popular
democracy is most likely among the poor of Latin America. Venezuela’s President Chavez and former CIA
officials are interviewed. Writer, Director: John Pilger; Bullfrog Films Discussion: Peter Prontzos, Professor of Political Science, Langara College

Friday, 7 PM First United
The Art of the Rain Forests (24min) 2005
Nature’s symphony is contrasted with human cacophony, no words necessary. Producer and Distributor: Richard Boyce Power Play: Theft of BC Rivers (20 min) 2008 BC Hydro’s cheap power and profits benefitting the
public were supplanted by private corporations’ gain. Damien Gillis; Slingshot Communications

FRIDAY 1:00-3:00 pm White Rock Public Library
Slacker Uprising”
An attempt to turn out young US voters to defeat “W” Bush in 2004 failed to defeat Bush, but energized the youth voice and vote with continuing consequences. Producer: Michael Moore; Free Download

Saturday 9:30 AM First United
Gardens of Destiny (75min) 2007)
Jocelyn Demers meets Dan Jason, an organic gardener on Salt Spring Island and head of the Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada which preserves plant diversity. Issues include genetic engineering, terminator seeds, industrial agriculture, and benefits of organic foods Distributor: Salt Springs Seeds Discussion with film maker Jocelyn Demers

Saturday 9:30 PM Salvation Army
Killing Us Softly 3 (34min) 2001
Jean Kilbourne analyzes the destructive depiction of women that still exists in advertising. The objectification of the female body , tyranny of the thin ‘beauty ideal,’ sexualization of young girls and the infantilization of grown women are portrayed. Producer/Distributor: Media Education Foundation Discussion with the Rev. Joan McMurtry

Saturday 9:30 Salvation Army
China Blue (88min) 2005
Living and working under harsh conditions, teenagers in China work for a pittance to make blue jeans for Western companies, which make the real profits. Do you know where your blue jeans come from? Producer: Teddy Bear Films; Distributor: Bullfrog Films Discussion with Vas Guaratna of the Unite Union

Saturday, 1 PM First United
Five Ring Circus (87 min) 2007
This film exposes a less glamourous side of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, examining how commitments to environmental, social, and economic sustainability have not been kept, leading to the current unraveling events.
Distributor: Rag Tag Productions Discussion with Producer Conrad Schmidt

Saturday 1 PM Salvation ARmy
The Story of Stuff (26 min) 2005
Ads push consumers into acquiring products deliberately destined for the dump. Annie Leonard; Producer ‘Free Range Studios’ Debt Trap (38min) year Revised 2008 Urged to ‘shop till we drop,’ consumer debt pushes bankruptcies, job and home losses to new heights. Solutions to escape the trap. Writer and Director: David Adkin Discussion with Credit Counseling Society

Saturday 1 PM Salvation Army
Bevel Up (45min) 2007
Street nurses reaching out to youth, sex workers, and others living in Vancouver’s inner city reflect on attitudes needed to provide practical and compassionate health care. Producer: BC Centre for Disease Control and National Film Board; Supported by Health Canada and BC Nurses Union Discussion James Tigchelaar, Street Nurse, BC-CDC.

Saturday 1 PM White Rock Library
Anyone and Everyone (57min) 2007
Families share accounts of gay children “coming out” and their responses. Parents reveal teen children’s pain in not being accepted by relatives, friends or religious congregations. Producer Susan Polis Schutz; Distributor Blue Mountain Arts Discussion with Steve Mulligan of Learning Services

Saturday 3 PM First United
Who Killed the Electric Car (92min) 2006
General Motors fleet of EV-1 electric cars were efficient. The film unravels the demise of a vehicle that could have saved the environment and America’s addiction to oil. Director: Chris Paine; Distributor: Sony Discussion with Michael Seal, former professor Engineering Technology & Director of Vehicular Research Institute, Western Washington University

Saturday, 3 PM Salvation Army
Super Amigos (82min) 2007
Unexpected people get involved in social issues. Five Mexican wrestlers climb out of the ring to take on tenant evictions, cruelty to animals, homophobia, and environmental awareness. Director: Arturo Perez Torres; Distributor: Horizon MotionPictures Discussion with Jessie Scharz of Greenpeace.

Saturday 3 PM Salvation Army
Venezuela Rising (66min) 2006
After centuries of indifference to the poor, Venezuela now has a government addressing basic food, housing, medical, and educational needs, as people organize to protect gains. A movement towards democracy affecting all Latin America. Producer: Alvin Bailey; Distributor: Nuestra America Productions Discussion with Carlos Bracons, World Festival of Youth and Students

Saturday 3 PM White Rock Library
The Political Dr. Seuss (80min) 2004
Theodor Seuss Geisel used parables to fight illiteracy, greed, bigotry, conformity, the arms race, and environmental destruction. His sometimes banned art and ‘children’s’ stories ridicule hypocrites, bullies and demagogues. Producer/Director/Writer/Narrator: Ron Lamothe; Distributor: Terra Incognita Films Discussion with Smitty Miller, Children’s Librarian with Fraser Valley Regional Library

SATURDAY First United Church 7:00 pm
Pete Seeger: The Power of Song (93 min) 2007
Nostalgic and inspiring biography of an environmentalist, justice and peace activist, as well as a famous folk singer/song writer. Director: Jim Brown; Producer: CPI and PBS/Thirteen’s ‘American Masters’Appearing are Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Peter, Paul, and Mary and others. Pre-show banjo player and singer Tom Neighbour

Thursday, June 12, 2008

February 2008 Films

Sicko by Michaeil Moore 2007
Big Bucks, Big Pharma: marketing disease and pushing drugs, Media Education Foundaiton
The Fight for True Farming NFB
Toxic Tresspass: how safe are your chilrren 2007 NFB
Jesus Camp 2006
Buscando Justica (Looking for Justice) 2007
Tears for April: beyond the thin blue line 2007 Odd Squad production
Refugees of the Blue Planet 2006 NFB
Generation of Orphans 2007 Stephen Lewis Foundation
Women Face Aids in Africa 2007 Stephen Lewis Foundation
Escape from Affluenza 2007 KCTS
Breaking Ranks 2006 Screen Siren Pictures
Death in the Water 2004 CBC
Independent Intervention: breaking silence 2007 Ground productions
Tambogrante: magos, murder, mining 2007
49 Megawatts 2007 Bryan jSmith
What a Way To Go: life at the end of empire 2007 Vision Quest Pictures