Thursday, June 12, 2008

February 2008 Films

Sicko by Michaeil Moore 2007
Big Bucks, Big Pharma: marketing disease and pushing drugs, Media Education Foundaiton
The Fight for True Farming NFB
Toxic Tresspass: how safe are your chilrren 2007 NFB
Jesus Camp 2006
Buscando Justica (Looking for Justice) 2007
Tears for April: beyond the thin blue line 2007 Odd Squad production
Refugees of the Blue Planet 2006 NFB
Generation of Orphans 2007 Stephen Lewis Foundation
Women Face Aids in Africa 2007 Stephen Lewis Foundation
Escape from Affluenza 2007 KCTS
Breaking Ranks 2006 Screen Siren Pictures
Death in the Water 2004 CBC
Independent Intervention: breaking silence 2007 Ground productions
Tambogrante: magos, murder, mining 2007
49 Megawatts 2007 Bryan jSmith
What a Way To Go: life at the end of empire 2007 Vision Quest Pictures